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We on Gili T.

The Gili Islands are a well known Indonesian destination by tourists from all over the world. Fringed by white-sand beaches and coconut palms, all three Gilis are a piece of paradise. You can easily reach the islands from Lombok (Senggigi) and Bali by speedboat. Although there have been accidents and these boats seem to sink from time to time, the small risk is worth taking, because when you enter the Gilis you emerge yourself into carfree, gorgeous beachlife.


Each island has a distinct personality. So there's a flavour for everyone.

Gili Meno; the smallest and quietest of the three. It is said to have a honeymoon ambience that you sense as soon as you step off the boat. There are good dining options and snorkling/ diving are some of the main activities.

Gili Air; this is the Gili with a slight hippy feel, according to the Lonely Planet. It has a laid-back atmosphere, is still authentic, but has similar choice of facilities as Gili T.


Gili Trawangan; the largest and most developed of the islands. It has a friendly vibe, but the carfree roads can become a bit crowded with bicycles, foot traffic and horse-drawn carts. During the nights you are able to make new friends on every corner of the street. Gili T. is also known as the party island.

If our preperation would have been more enhanced, I guess our first pick would be Gili Air, but by coincidence we ended up on Gili T!

Well, we made our own private party by looking at the lovely sunsets, getting massaged by Dr. No, he used some weird material, but it was all part of the Indonesian experience, and we strolled along the beautiful beach and shoreline.

"Collect Moments, not Things...."

Yet, there was something really special about the Gilis... Max didn't bring a fishing rod. So we had some quality time together, instead of Max and the Fish, this time it's Max and Vera. We were only on this paradise for three days, I think that's why he could manage ;-)


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