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The Dalton Highway, Alaska baby

Alaska. It's a dream coming true. I've always liked the rugged northern landscape, the wildlife and the great outdoors. In 2009 at the end of my study, we finally had 3 weeks to discover this glorious country.

There's so much to write about beautiful Alaska, but I choose to start with an article about the upper part of the country. Our roadtrip along the Dalton Highway; from Fairbanks almost to the Arctic Ocean.

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The James W. Dalton Highway is 666 km long. It begins just north of Fairbanks and ends in Deadhorse near the Arctic Ocean and the Prudhoe Bay oil fields. It was built as a supply road to support the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System in 1974. The highway, directly parallels the characteristic pipeline, is one of the most isolated roads in the United States.

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Our plan of driving the Dalton Highway was a bit spontaneous. That's why we didn't have enough time to drive to Deadhorse. And maybe the other reason was the money. Renting a 4x4 was really expensive and because I've just finished my study, we recently bought our house and we were having a holiday of 6 weeks (Alaska combined with Canada), it was a better idea to rent the off road car only for three days. We reached Coldfoot. Along the way we camped, crossed the arctic circle, enjoyed the beautiful autumn landscape and fished for grayling. This is done by walking in waders through the shallow rivers that cross the Dalton Highway. Once you wander of the Highway, you'll find yourself surrounded by complete wilderness.

If you're interested in driving the Highway all the way to the Arctic Ocean. Be prepared that you might encouter some agressive polar bears around Deadhorse. It is said that they are walking in the village and are not scared of humans. If you're lucky you can also see arctic foxes, caribou, musk oxen and grizzly bears in the Deadhorse area.

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We're definitely planning a new trip to Alaska. And that will, without a doubt, include driving the Dalton Highway till it's endstop, Deadhorse. Alaska, baby! We'll meet again!

Is a roadtrip to the Arctic Ocean your 'cup of tea'?

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