Trying to get that Roosterfish, Baja California, Mexico

In 2012 Max and I were heading to Mexico. Not the more familiar part for us Europeans, where the old Maya civilization can be seen, but we were going to Baja California, the peninsula on the west coast. In the beginning we had some mixed feelings about this part of the country. The first day I thought this piece of land was too touristic. The hotels, especially meant for rich American visiters were blocking the beach-entrance at Cabo San Lucas. That's the main reason why it was really difficult to find a spot where you could enter the beach and feel the ocean. For me 'feeling the ocean', means walking in ankledeep water, because I'm not a huge fan of swimming and other ocean-activities. I know what kind of big fish are out there ;-)​

After a good night sleep we were trying again to find a nice, peaceful spot on the beach, were we could camp in the wild for 4 days/nights, and finally we found it!

The road to the deserted beach
Donkeys on the edge of the road near Cabo San Lucas

Max had a fishing goal, of course. He was keen on catching a roosterfish from the shore. The roosters are more easily caught from a boat, so it was a big challenge. We had only 4 days to achieve this goal. In the morning Max was walking and casting along the steep coastline and in the late afternoon the same ritual repeated itself. It was not easy, this time.

Luckily we were accompanied by some friendly wildlife, like the pelicans and donkeys. And for me there was plenty of time to get a sun tanned skin, read books, take photographs and watch the muscles of Max's right arm grow ;-)

The feeling to camp alone on the beach was wonderful. Even though we were in Mexico, which doesn't have a good reputation about safety, we never felt unsafe. It's beautiful to see the ocean during every time of the day and in between we also made some trips, to keep me happy, I guess.

Max was already getting frustrated, when he didn't catch anything for the last three days, but in Dutch we say 'de aanhouder wint', which means 'dogged do​es it'. On the fourth day he ​​finally caught that special fish; the roosterfish or Pez Gallo. What a stunning beauty.

Our beachfriends; the pelicans

The roosterfish is a game fish, which can be found in the warmer ocean waters of the East Pacific. It is distinguised by seven very long spines of the dorsal fin. The rooster can reach over 1,6m in lenght and over 50kg in weight.

It doesn't make the same familiar noise in the morning as it's namesake does on the land ;-)

The four fishing days were a great experience. It's becomes even more special when I think about it, at this moment. Sometimes it's difficult to completely enjoy the moment itself. But I'm trying.

"Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory"

Have you ever caught a roosterfish? And girls, what would you do, while your boyfriend is busy catching fish?

Typically Mexico; drought and cactus
Posing in front of the 4x4
Our tent together with the Landcruiser
Keep on casting..
Finally, the roosterfish!

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