Roadtrip through the Scottish Highlands

In september 2013 my boyfriend and I went on a roadtrip to the Scottish Highlands. We were looking for a cost-friendly destination, because a few months later our 5 month worldtrip would start. Scotland is a good option if you don't want to spend lots of ​money, especially if you're camping in your own little, cosy campervan. We were lucky to have one available from my 'parents in law', so we made some arrangements with car-switching and our adventure started!

Our 'own' campervan posing in the beautiful sunset near Thurso
Friendly Highland Cow chewing and looking stoic in the sunset.

Along the way we met some of the friendly inhabitants of Scotland. Especially this Highland cow was a stunning beauty in the evening light.

The wildlife of the Scottish Highlands is unique and for us, one of the main reasons to visit the country.

To see the beautiful white-tailed sea eagle we joined a boattrip at Portree, were the birds are fed, so it's possible to see them in close encounter.

The white-tailed sea eagle is British largest and rarest bird of prey. They are distinguished by their brown body, pale head and neck feathers and white tail feathers. It wasn't easy to make the eagle look sharp on the picture and have a nice composition at the same time, without cutting of a wing or tail on the picture ;-)

White-tailed sea eagle in the harbour of Portree

Luckily not all wildlife is difficult to capture on film. These female roe deers were a bit camerashy, but even more curious about what was happening on the other side of the grasland. With my 300mm lens I was able to make this shot in the eveninglight.

Funfact; the world-famous deer Bambi is originally a roe deer. When the story was adapted by Walt Disney Studios, Bambi was changed to a white-tailed deer, because the whitetail is a more familiar species to the US viewers.

Shy roe deers at sunset

Scotland is a great country to travel in by yourself. Because of the rainy weather we prefered to have our campervan with us, instead of our loyal little tent. Even in the camper it could get really cold at night. But if you like camping into the wild, northern wildlife and some raindrops or unpreditable weather don't bother you, than the Scottish Highlands is the place to be!

Later I will post some more about this lovely country with it's old cities, wildlife and natural beauty. Is Scotland a country you're interested in?

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